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The Way of War

Pike & Musket TW


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Small changes allowed adding many more new factions to the game. It also simplifies the installation of the patch.


I can promise it will be released next week.



The new factions are:


Age of Exploration


Emirate of Granada


Kazan Khanate


Religious Turmoil




The state of Berber nomads, religious fanatics, vangeful Moors, conquerors of of golden states of Africa and camels.






the most loyal Swedish allies




Wallachia ( replaces Moldavia)


during the time of the damn stubborn Michael the Brave




Sun King's Ambition






Orthodox mountain theocracy





+ Uzbek Khorde in MP pack ( replace Hessen)


and the infamous Bundschuh only in their small pack ( replace Granada) - especially interesting choice for all revolutionaries and alter-globalists.



Cossack infantry








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Set up for the three major campaigns after the new factions were added.


Age of Exploration


Lots of place to expand, no hiper-powers to worry about from the beginning.Italy is the worst place to start if you want to expand.




Religius Turmoil


Still some rebel provinces present. The Ottoman Empire is the main power on the map.




Sun King's Ambition


Crowded and deadly. Most of the map is a killing zone with small factions on the endge from the beginning.

The Ottomand are dangerous, but watch out for France !



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One of the newest ideas - you can see it as upgraded mounted infantry project


So here are ordinary Russian Streltsy






and fighting




and now see what happens the same animation is used with a horse


so we have Russian Draguny










and shooting




- all these activities dismounted, touching the ground, but if required to move faster they


mount their steeds




Now we have the real mounted infantry.


They also fight and charge on foot, steeds are used only to move quickly between various destinations.


Regards Cegorach :gunsmile:

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First some bad news... the release will be delayed to Tuesday.


I found few errors, one so stupid and so large that it will take 5-8 hours to remove it - I made a mistake and repeated it over 100 times...



Anyway it gives me some more time to test and even add few new features.



For now some new screenshots




Ottoman Tufekci - as mounted infantry - they were professional troops in many tasks replacing the famous Yenicheri





They also fought on foot - much of the Ottoman infantry in later XVIIth century consisted of those soldiers armed with quite good matchlock muskets.







+ Montenegrin Hajduci waiting in ambush





More later.


Regards Cegorach :worthy:

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It is 1.30 a.m here, so I am not in my best shape, but finally I can announce the release of the PATCH :balloon2: :balloon2: :balloon2:





Its general purpose was to improve the gameplay and correct as many mistakes as possible without adding ( too many) mistakes none of those critical.



Overall it adds


- 11 new factions - Granada, Kazan Khanate, Hessen-Kassel, Morocco, Wallachia, Montenegro, Wurttemberg playable in campaigns + Ethiopia, Songhai Empire, Uzbek Khorde and Iroquois Confederacy for MP mode only.


- over 130 new units including so odd as Fortified Position, new dragoons and American and African native units,


- over 40 new historical heroes for several factions including Kazan, Georgia, Holland or Sweden,


- numerous new animations - including the American Natives, African cavalry and infantry,


- MP pack designed to balance the online warfare and still make it interesting,


- changes in other areas,


+ last, but not least VIDEOs as the first and possibly the last MTW mod.:2thumbsup:



I will write more later when I am more concious so here are the links


Video files - nor necessary to play the mod, but worth trying.




The main zipped file - the Patch itself






Mistakes and errors are unlikely to avoid for this reason please report any mistakes you spot - if theirnumber or importance is larger than expected the patch will be re-released after one week with at least the serious errors finally cleansed.:2thumbsup: :skull:


Regards Cegorach :gunsmile:

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Most of the names are randomly generated - the list was made according to the most numerous and popular names in that period - this includes mine and 2 others Polish members' names.


There are 31 historical generals ( including 2 bishops - Copernicus and Skarga and 1 assassin - Marcin Mroczek) - most of them with the realistic portraits.


You have almost every single one of the most famous Polish generals - however I had more than 50 to choose from.


I have a problem with Russia - for now I have added only two - I will find more but it takes time, especially since noone proposed any... :blink:

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