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lag of Transylvania - I have a collection of these and I can post them if you want, but tell me where please.

Оh! Perfectly!!! Please post them here: http://twow.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=2...ndpost&p=175515


I have detailed unit rosters for 3 balcan principalities

Это вот: http://twow.ru/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=34&t=3234 Just in time :apl:

if he received my Venice roster at all

http://twow.ru/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=34&t=3235 Still time lay out here because pan Lord Ronin is borrowed now, it is not in time to work with mail... :buba:


P.S. Are you plan to do Pike & Musket TW on MTW2 ?

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Flags are posted, the rest must wait to Friday-Saturday ( my days off).


Yes, I will create PMTW for MTW 2 - I planned it for RTW, but MTW 2 will give much more additional options. From the very beginning I planned the second edition of the mod, it would be terrible to waste all the research I and other people did for PMTW.


Regards Cegorach ;)

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More screens, more are prepared, but this time I will show only some saving a couple for later time.


Don't forget that the mod starts in 1480, so there are some earlier units


Hungarian Rac







Now another presentation.


Polish komunik ( cavalry strike force) Ukraine around 1644 ready to hunt down Tatar raiders.





Right flank consists of two units recruited among Ukrainians.


- Polish Dragoons ( Dragoni) were very useful in steppes providing more firepower than any other cavalry. Because most of them were Ukrainians they were cheap to hire, although their loyalty during some Cossack rebellions left much to be desired leaving in masses during Khmelnickij Rebellion, which caused a lot of problems.




Cossack cavalry. Some were a part of register ( Kozacy Rejestrowi), and although most were very good infantrymen, their cavalry was employed as well, mostly because it was cheap. Famous irregular Cossack Lancers appeared much later.




Polish nobility ( Szlachta) was supposed to be ready to fight as a part of militia-like forces called the Levy. Usually more troublesome than useful, there were exceptions like these ukrainian Polish nobles who were used to warfare and their morale and discipline was much higher than in other regions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ( Rzeczpospolita).

Usually armed with sabres, bows and pistols they provided numbers rather than high quality forces, but were very useful nonetheless.




Quarter forces - regular army


Medium-light cavalry called Kozacy provided multi-purpose horsemen units armed primary with carbines and pistols, bows were much less popular weapons - contrary to popular beliefs firepower was essential factor in Polish army. These cavalrymen wear kolczuga armour and still use armoured gloves similar to those in western armies.





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the rest...


Husaria in much looser formation than when fighting enemy infantry is the sledgehammer of this army. They are armed with 5 m hollow lances, which not often were used against Tatars where additional speed was more useful - they usually relied on long swords called koncerz and pistols when figting fleet hooved nomad forces. This time however they are supposed to use the lances, which scared Tatars so much, that the very sight of them was often enough to break their morale.




Pancerni cavalry appeared to replace Kozacy and provide chaper alternative ( to some extend) for Husaria. They replaced western armoured gloves with karwasz armguard armour plates and are heavier armoured than Kozacy. Still their main task was the same as Kozacy - multi-purpose cavalry supporting Husaria with their firepower.




A number of Lithuanian and Polish Tatars were serving in the army of the Republic even against their former countrymen. Even if often they remained muslims they were given the same rights as catholics, orthodox or protestant christians.




More militia from this frontier country adds necessary numbers and more speed as a completely unarmoured light cavalry.






Regards Cegorach ;)

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Another presentation



Tatar army - somewhere in Ukraine late XVIIth century


It is a typical force consisting only of cavalry, nothing unusual for one of the last nomad armies.






The army was guided by tatar scouts ( Izci Tatarlar) who now still form a part of vanguard on the left wing of the formation.

Notice that they are eqipped with an additional horse. A common feature in nomad armies, in PMTW only some Tatar units have them which makes them more resilent to anemy firepower and hives them more stamina.

They are able to hide everywhere lying with their steeds in long grass, behind a small hill or using any other kind of cover.




Tatar with arkans are placed on the left flank ready to use their skills as slave hunters against enemy, especially heavier cavalry.

* the unit idea was based on several remarks that Tatars employed numerous soldiers to seize valuable enemies which could be later sold back for a decent ransom. They were especially useful against heavy cavalry including knights who were especially vulnerable to their lassoos.


- ARKANY.jpg


The bulk of the army are light, swift horsemen called Atli Tatarlar armed with bows and sabres, but Khan's bodyguard consists of these Kirim Suvari - tatar armoured cavalry, so better used to prolonged combat.

* tatar leaders and their nobility were using armour if possible. There is a good reason to gather them in units on their own.




Firearms were rarely used in Crimean armies, in fact ordinary tatars were prohibited from using it at all. Untill XVIIIth century it didn't matter anyway, since bows were more accurate and a skilled archer could achieve very impressive rate of fire launching even 4 arrows before the first one reached its target. Combined with lack of armour in enemy armies (slowly abandoned because of gunpowder weapons) it meant that they could achieve much with bows alone. Still some soldiers from royal domains were trained in use muskets and acted as mounted infantry. They rarely appeared on the battlefield, still when the Khan was present or their presence was deemed necessary they were used in small numbers. Tatar yenicheri-like infantry also existed, but their use was even less frequent, mostly in sieges.

* the mounted infantry called Segmen appears in many sources, it seems there were 10 'companies' of them. The problem is that it is hard to tell when they were introduced to the Crimean army, it is even possible that it happened in the XVIIIth century, beyound the timeframe of the mod. I decided to add them in the late period of the mod. Because I wanted to make them look unique I used Polish Dragoon animations which still have eastern 'look' and there is a good reason that the Tatars really adopted similar uniforms - weather conditions and polish cultural influence ( Khans used Polish in diplomatic correspondence even with other nations like Cossacks, Russians etc) give a good reasonto believe it is acceptable.






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The majority of Tatar population were badly armed horsemen who joined the army to loot avoiding starvation and saving lives of their family during the frequent periods of famine.

Sometimes even without a sabre and armed with a horse jaw on a stick ( called 'maslak' in Polish) they were still born horsemen and shouldn't be undereastimated. When the opportunity appeared they could be used to attack enemy flank or rear or even to overrun isolated enemy musketeers it it was possible and if they were brave enough to withstand firepower of their infernal weaponry.


- NOGAY.jpg


Some Tatars were especially good horse archers. In game they are placed in Kipchak Asker - cavalry using flaming arrows to kill its foe and set building on fire.

* Tatrs were using flaming arrows quite frequently when trying to overrun enemy forts made most often from wood. Besides it gives them another way to destroy fortifications, they need it since artillery is hard to get for them.






The end.



More animations are in progress, including some of the older ones redesigned, remade or upgraded like one of the most important units in game - Polish Husaria.


They are not ready yet, but I wanted to show you how good work YanTraken is doing.







Regards Cegorach

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  • 2 недели спустя...

Time for some screenshots...


Let's start with some eastern european stuff, shall we ?


Historical battles are slowly transformed thanks to the new animations


Klushino 1610




Some new units


Russian Oprychniki NKVD from the XVIth century. They were wearing black uniforms and placed severed wolf's heads on their saddles to show that they will have no mercy to any opposing Ivan the Terrible's orders.




Ottoman Delil - 'hot-headed' cavalry mainly from Serbia. They were wearing most impressive uniforms at that time, but like the Ladsknechts before there was nothing to question their fearsome reputation.






Many eastern antions used warwagons to create mobile strongholds incredibly useful in the steppes especially against cavalry. They were carrying supplies as well so this way the usually the weakest part of the marching army ( baggage train) became one of the strongest ones.




Many nations had their own dragoons sometimes wearing different clothes and even wearing armour like these imperial dragoons






Most of them were unarmoured







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Many dragoon units from late XVIIth century had uniforms amazingly similar to the ones used in Poland - one of the results of polish-french contacts ( many Frenchmen served in polish dragoon units) and the victory at Vienna in 1683 - England for example created one dragoon unit wearing the uniforms intended to be in 'polish fashion'






One century earlier...


Burgundian cavalry formed elite of Spanish horsemen - they were called Archeros and used lances to deadly effect




Petronel were light cavalry using calivers - smaller arquebuses. Their willingless to fight was questionable, but provided the army with a useful skirmishing screen.




Thanks to the impressive work of the ORG member Inal the Great Circassia is added on late as a new, quite interesting faction.






More screens later - I am saving some...


Regards Cegorach

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I was very busy recently - I am coming back to POland so there is much to finish here...


I will post the information about the Tatars and the balcan states as soon as possible.


BTW - some of the supporters of P&M TW made impressive researches - especially Beauchamp and Inal the Great.


I have pretty much information about :


- Circassia


- Persia


- Switzerland


All about the 1480 - 1700 period. I know it is incredibly difficult to find anything regarding these states in later XVIth and the XVIIth century. If you need anything I can post it. Just give me links where to do it.


Regards Cegorach ;)

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Russian Oprychniki NKVD from the XVIth century.


was very busy recently - I am coming back to POland so there is much to finish here...

I will post the information about the Tatars and the balcan states as soon as possible.

OK. Very good! Ireland already has bothered :lol:;)

- Persia

Here here http://twow.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=2832&st=45 :cheers:

- Circassia
- Switzerland

It is not necessary. But thanks! :buba:

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Here is my list of Tatar units from P&M TW.


There are problems with images especially of their armoured cavalry, but you can handle this on your own, I think - you have all the same books I am using myself.


Basic units:


Atli Tatarlar ( means tatar horsemen)- basic cavalry, no armour, bows, sabres - you have a very good model ready if I am correct.


Nogay Asker ( Nogay cavalry) - the poorest Tatars who joined the raids in hope of plunder. Badly armed - this horse jaw on a stick should be their main weapon, no armour.

In fact they were like these herdsmen from RTW BI - may act as horse units ? I believe that the name could be changed into Budzhak Asker since Nogay tatars were richer than Budzhak ones, I will probably change the name - do you think it is reasonable enough.




Kirim Suvari ( crimean cavalry)- Khan's bodyguards and very rare and expensive armoured Tatar cavalry. I think that they can be armed as Ottoman sipahi - but no armoured horses and probably no shield.

Armed with bows and sabres.




Mounted infantry armed with firearms. RTW doesn't allow dismounting, maybe MTW 2 make it possible ?? I don't know, but you can always make them shoot when mounted, should be reasonable enough. It is hard to say what clothes they were wearing, but I believe it could be more uniformed since they were recruited by Khan himself from his, royal domain.

Armed with some sort of musket/carbine, rather no armour.

Still good horsemen, able to do some damege in combat with their sabres.


Tatars with arkans ( I will try to find more suitable translation)


Chosen units armed with these lassoos. They should be excellent in fighting armoured cavalry, so consider arming them with armour piercing close combat weapons. In MTW I made other ( heavy) cavalry fear them, but in RTW it is not possible so maybe armour piercing attacks + bonus when attacking cavalry is good enough.


Izci Tatarlar - tatar scouts. Should be able to hide in long grass sp they would need hiding animations as well.

Weapons - sabres and bows ( in MTW I have given them spears and no bows, but there was no option to make them ignore their ranged weapons and remain hidden), but bows should be used only before charge like roman pillium, this should ensure that they will be hidden long enough.



Kipchak Asker - I am not sure about them, but in MTW they are nomad horse archers with more arrows and shooting better than the rest with flaming arrows. For RTW engine it should be good enough to give them higher archery skill.

Sabres and bows like the rest.




Keffe Bekci - Tatar or rather Turkish musket armed infantry recruited from ottoman occupied Keffe colony.

I knwo that the Khan kept a small number of his personal yenicheri-like infantry. Should be armed like the Ottoman jannissaries, but in smaller, more expensive units. Their quality should be as high as the ottoman infantry.





I know you have tatar uhlans in your roster with a suitable model ready. I support the idea - for sure tatar elite were called uhlans and where armed with short spears often with one hussar-like wing at their back. They can be armoured, but you could make them act as officers in other tatar cavalry units, can you ??


If you have questions about thesem ask.


I will post what I can about the persian units soon.


If you like to see what was proposed for Circassia check this thread - names are in a caucassian languages, there are some heroes and other stuff, it might be useful even if you think you have everything already...




Regards Cegorach ;)

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There are problems with images especially of their armoured cavalry, but you can handle this on your own, I think - you have all the same books I am using myself.

Actually at us not so a lot the images of Tatar of 17 centuries. :) Here only it:


Atli Tatarlar ( means tatar horsemen)- basic cavalry, no armour, bows, sabres - you have a very good model ready if I am correct.

That which you saw will be "Segmen", and the basik unit will be poorer dressed :) "Atli Tatarlar" - Ok, good name! :cheers:

Nogay Asker ( Nogay cavalry) - the poorest Tatars

1. Nogays is not Tatatrs - it is two different nationes. But Tatars ruled (Operated) by Nogays.

2. Yes, Nogays everyone should be horsemen. Badly armed.

3. Budzhak it one of Hordes of Nogays and not the poorest.

4. The name For this unit is better "Djasack" - It means a "home guard" (Civil guardsmen) of Nogays.



Тhe Rest I shall answer later.

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Oki, I am back. So...

Kirim Suvari
Izci Tatarlar
Keffe Bekci

What means this names?

Kipchak Asker

Kipchak - This one of tribes оf Nogays and Tatars.

I would unite "Kipchak Asker" with "Tatars with arkans" in one unit and have named just "Askers" - It means a "Wariors" (Soldiers). IMHO.

I know you have tatar uhlans in your roster with a suitable model ready. I support the idea - for sure tatar elite were called uhlans and where armed with short spears often with one hussar-like wing at their back. They can be armoured, but you could make them act as officers in other tatar cavalry units, can you ??

I think so! :buba:

f you like to see what was proposed for Circassia check this thread

Perfectly! :apl:

If you have questions about thesem ask.

Ok and you too ;)

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Ok few questions and answers. ;)


So Djasack - is it from Tatar language or Turkish - I am just curious and I willprobably change the name as you suggested.


Askers - I like the name too.





Izci Tatarlar - means tatr scouts if I am correct,


Kirim Suvari - crimean cavalry,


Keffe Bekci - infantry from Keffe, but in many sources I have found the name Segmen used to call them, the same as with the mounted infantry, but most likely they were two separate units and infantry only Segmen were like Jannissaries.


Another question


I am revisin russian roster for PMTW and I have recently learnt about Zhilcy or Zilci cavalry. There were 2000 of them recruited from Boyars - they were the guyes wearing those swans' wings and the lance with small dragons impaled on them.


Were they only ceremonial unit and what armour/weapon was used on the battlefield by them if they were used at all in battles. Were these wings used and this interesting lance ???

Please answer as soon as possible.





Some older screens I finally managed to add


Fanatical persian Kizilbash cavalry - 'red hats' as you can see on the screens






Circassian cavalry - these particular ones are called Werq Dzhigit - noble cavalry armed with carbines more often than with bows.






Finished Husaria






If you possess PMTW 1.0 on your HDD you might want to try them, so I decided to place this mini-install ready to use here




Regards Cegorach ;)

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Another file you can install even in PMTW 1.0 - will be useful for the incoming release as well, don't worry, but you can download it right now if you like.


Here is the first of the two music themes for the game - very simple to install and user friendly.






regards Cegorach :bleh:

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